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Most technical support is provided directly by your library. Use our Find-A-Library service to find the address and contact information for your library.

Why are the EBSCO resources being removed?

The Texas State Library and Archives must periodically solicit electronic resources from qualified providers. The most recent solicitation was conducted in 2022, and EBSCO was not selected as a primary provider. As a result, our contract to provide access to EBSCO electronic resources terminates on August 31, 2023.

This solicitation added resources were added to the TexShare Databases program from Gale and other vendors. Gale resources offer a streamlined, easy-to-use interface available in multiple languages, and the ability to translate any article on demand. An audio player is also available, along with the ability to change fonts, take notes, create citations, and export or share your results. A Topic Finder plus both Subject and Publication browse make it easier for you to find the information you need.

Although Gale offers thousands of journal, magazine, ebooks, and audiovisual titles, some specific titles were exclusive to EBSCO and are no longer available. A full list of those publications is unfortunately not available at this time.

What happened to Consumer Reports?

Consumer Reports was provided as part of the EBSCO MasterFILE resource. It is exclusive to EBSCO and not included in the current TexShare contract. Please ask your library to see if they have another way that you can access this content in print or online.

Can we get EBSCO back?

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission does not intend to re-solicit electronic resources until 2027. At that time, feedback from libraries and library patrons will be welcomed.

What happened to Credo?

Like EBSCO, Credo Complete Reference was not selected as a TexShare resource in the 2022 solicitation. Access ended on December 31, 2022.

Can you add another resource?

All resources for the TexShare Databases Program must be procured through a competitive solicitation. Libraries may suggest additional resources at any time by contacting Whenever possible, the e-resource vendor will be invited to respond to the next competitive solicitation. Vendors of electronic resources should check the “Doing Business with TSLAC” page for information about how to participate in any solicitation.