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Who can use the TexShare electronic resources?

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission licenses TexShare resources for use by students, faculty and staff of participating Texas institutions of higher education and patrons and staff of participating accredited Texas public libraries. Authorized Users can use the resources from school, the library, at home, or anywhere in the world.

How are the TexShare electronic resources different from what I can find on Google?

Internet search engines like Google index a huge number of webpages, articles, and other information. Some of it is free; other times you will be asked to pay. Not all of it is high-quality. The TexShare electronic resources include the full-text of many subscription-only magazines, journals, and newspapers, like the ones you can find on the shelves of your local library, as well as ebooks, videos, tutorials, and other resources. TexShare resources are authoritative, ad-free, and available 24/7.

Can I access TexShare electronic resources from home?

Yes. You will need an Internet connection for your computer or any other device that accesses the Internet. You will need a password provided by your local library if you are at home and not accessing the resources through a proxy server. Our vendors work to make access as easy as possible. Most resources are mobile-friendly, but they work best with more recent versions of web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Your browser must be set to accept cookies or you will not be able to access some resources.

How do I get a password to access TexShare electronic resources?

Access to TexShare electronic resources is provided by local libraries and institutions of higher education. Ask your local reference librarian for access information. To find a participating library, please use our Find-A-Library service. If you have a username and password from our previous site, you should select the name of the library that issued it and enter the password.

Who selects the TexShare resources?

The Texas State Library operates the TexShare Consortium on behalf of Texas libraries. The TexShare Electronic Information Working Group, composed of librarians from around the state, is charged with assisting the state library with selection and assessment of the resources listed here. Membership in the Working Group is representative of TexShare member libraries. Collection development decisions are guided by surveys of member libraries, usage statistics, database content, vendor reliability, and best value. For more information, see the TexShare Electronic Resource Collection Development Policy.

How do I request that an additional resource be added?

You should contact your local library with requests for additional resources. They may already subscribe to resources that aren’t provided through TexShare. If they don’t subscribe to the resource, they can contact TexShare. All resources must be competitively bid and there is no guarantee that any individual resource will be added to TexShare. If you are a vendor and would like your resource to be considered, please be aware that all resources for the TexShare Databases Program are procured using the competitive bidding process. Bid opportunities are posted to the Texas Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) and on the TSLAC Purchasing and Bids webpage.

How do I use a specific TexShare electronic resource?

Go to our Help and Technical Support page for links to training resources provided by our resource vendors. Also, ask your local library for assistance.

I can't open one of the resources. I get an error message when I click on the link.

Please report the error to your local library. If they are unable to resolve the problem, they will report it to TexShare. Please provide them with the name of the resource you were attempting to access and the exact error message you received. An image of the error message (a “screen shot”) is often helpful. For more information, see our Help and Technical Support page.

How much does all of this cost?

The TexShare Databases are funded by the State of Texas, TexShare member institutions, and a grant from the US Institute of Museum and Library Services. In state Fiscal Year 2018, member participation fees provided roughly one-quarter of the funding, with 49% coming from current state appropriations and reserve funds and the remaining 28% from federal funds. The total cost of the TexShare electronic resources was slightly more than $9.5 million.